Imagine Heaven - Imagine that your sins are just carbon prints on screen - Now giv'em a go!

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Hello and welcome!

We are here to help you clean your screen for free!

You are given here an excellent opportunity to check any dirt, smudges and dark spots on your screen. How does that happen? It's simple, just press key F11 in your browser*, and it shows this page in full screen, and as soon as that happens, this page becomes entirely white.

Has someone touched your screen?
Has someone sneezed and coughed on it?
Can you see the static dust?
Are you using laptop, notebook or tablet? Oh nooo!

Now you have a great free tool what shows it all, without having to strain your eyes by gazing hard between text and graphics, and dimmer hues. And it saves your backbone too by not having to look from difficult oblique positions.

*Note that you can also choose ”View” → ”Fullscreen” from your browser menu.

By the way, did you know that you are using the world's first service of its kind? No kidding, it's not a gimmick, it's like discovering the E=mc2 equation again. Only the glow of light can expel the burden and dirt of darkness, and now in swiping!

Have a happy nice clean day!

Your WhiteSwipe Team

For absolute cleaners demanding absolute comfort, we can provide a free Cleaning Alerts™ service. Do you represent an organisation? All our services are free also to businesses and organisations. You will especially benefit from the Cleaning Alerts™ service as it is automatically customized to the needs of an organisation. Read more.


Did you know that you can clean also your TV screen with ease?

Do you like unspoiled entertainment? We are pleased to inform you that we have even more good news to you. We would like to introduce to you our TV screen cleaning DVD, what enables high-quality cleaning of your high-definition TV screen. Read more from the column on the right. We offer instant purchase through Paypal and prompt shipping both in United States and worldwide.

Yes! This product too is for real, and of course first of its kind in the markets, so enjoy and make cleaning a fun chore.


Did you like our service?

We suggest to you that you would copy our website icon-shortcut from the address bar of your browser to your desktop, so that we can be always ready for your service when you want it. We have made specific directions (Win/Mac) on how you can do that, plus we provide a higher resolution version of our website icon for downloading (Win/Mac). If you want to create a link to the favorites bar of your browser, it happens pretty much the same way, the directions tell you how. You can also try out our free Cleaning Alerts™ service, whereby you can define your own cleaning schedule and set email reminders for that. See the menu Cleaning Alerts.

WhiteSwipe DVD
Superior TV screen cleaning

Did you already try our online cleaning? Now you can benefit from another fancy product based on the same clear-detection concept, and almost at the cost of nothing, when you purchase our DVD-disc which helps you to clean your high-definition TV screen — in high-definition!

It shows a white video, so all you do is insert the DVD into player, let it play, and easily clean your TV screen for a perfectly clear viewing experience. Let that 1 to million contrast ratio shine up to its fullest! The DVD is especially great purchase or gift to parents who have toddlers touching and messing up the TV screen. The video is 30 minutes in length, so it allows a busy parent to have interruptions in cleaning.

The video includes a few seconds intro text on how to clean TV screen safely and keep your HD investment polished and unharmed – you wouldn't believe, but it's a bit tricky job.

The DVDs are sold for a bargain price of 8 dollars apiece so that you can buy as many of them as you want and give them as gifts to your friends. You and your friends deserve this luxurious yet inexpensive cleaning miracle – why wait any longer?

You can make the purchase using Paypal and your delivery address is given through the same, couldn't be easier. Don't have a Paypal account? No problem, Paypal supports normal credit card payments too.

After you have made the payment, our fully automated order processing takes your order to our supplier's automated delivery system, and your shipment is sent out the next business day from United States.

P.S. Remember that as a bonus you get free plastic sleeves for the DVDs, which come handy in retaining the disc close to the TV set.

WhiteSwipe DVD

Delivery in United States
International delivery


Item total

$ 8

+ Shipping

$ 4

Payment directions: After pressing the Buy button, you are taken to Paypal's website to do the payment. If you are an international buyer, please choose the international delivery option above the Buy button. You don't need to worry about the country format of the DVD, we pick automatically the correct according to your country. When you want to buy multiple DVDs, please select the quantity from the adjacent dropdown list.

Shipping information: The DVDs are sent on the next business day from United States in First Class mail. Estimated delivery times are 3-5 days to United States, 5-7 days to Canada, 5-7 days to Europe, 10-20 days to South America, 7-21 days to Asia, 14-30 days to rest of the world and remote places. For international deliveries there will not necessarily be any customs to be paid because of the small sum of the purchase, but if there should, please note that it is the customer's responsibility to pay any customs and taxes for the shipment.

Terms of purchase: Our terms of purchase are found under this link.

DVD format information: We automatically send you the right format of DVD (NTSC or PAL) according to your country of residence. Screen format: The dvd shows a 16:9 aspect ratio wide-screen video in order to illuminate the entire HD TV screen.

Privacy policy and security: We respect your privacy and don't gather, store or sell your personal information, and don't send spam. In no point of the process we handle your credit card information, that is done solely by Paypal.

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