Here you can join our mailing list in order to get regular cleaning reminders. Some people are good at making their own routines, but for a cleaning task most people need that outside urge to set on this mundane grind. We strive to make the necessary evil lighter and brighter, and our Cleaning Alerts™ as a complimentary service is another helpful tool serving that purpose.

Simply select the frequency of the cleaning reminders, as well as the day of week for receiving the reminders (regardless of the schedule). Then enter your email, push the send button, and you are in a premium screen cleaners club for free. Besides of comfy scheduling, one additional perk of the reminders is a direct link to our web page included in every email, what makes regular use of the service a fun excercise.

After signing up, you will receive a welcome message from us, please click the confirmation link in it to confirm your email address. That's it. If you want to edit the schedule afterwards, just do a new subscription with the same address. The service will automatically continue if you have already done the first time confirmation, otherwise a confirmation is needed.

As a continued member you can cancel the service from an unsubscribe link in the email, or by doing unsubscription at this web page (see the link at the top right).

For businesses and organisations

The service is free also to businesses and organisations. You can include your organisation's multi-forward email address in this mailing list, in order to subscribe your workers to this service (please insert it in "Your email" field). Please tick the checkbox "Subscriber is a business or organisation", so the emails will be customized accordingly (e.g. settings links will be removed). Enter also administrator's email address, where an email will be sent with a confirmation link. The service will be running after a confirmation is made by clicking the link.

Modern research has shown that computer screens collect constantly bacteria from the exhaled air, incubating them because of the moisture carried by the breathing. The problem is made worse by the temperature factor, as the mellow heat emitted by both the breathing and computer screen add to the normally pleasant environmental conditions where computers are used, creating an optimal breeding ground for mass production of bacteria. This is an especially important issue in the work places, where the number of sickness cases can be diminished with proper screen hygiene.

While cleaning the screens, the workers clean also their hands, what adds up to the total benefits of good screen cleaning hygiene. It has long been common wisdom, that in work places something happens much more likely if it is reminded about in a positive way, and that's where our cleaning reminders come to help. Together with our fullscreen cleaning service, the Cleaning Alerts™ gives your organisation a high-value health and hygiene management tool, and for free of charge.

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